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Digitizer not working after replacement. Answered


My wife accidentally crashed her phone digitizer (Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (G355H)). Its was still working, but you know... Being the type of man which always desire to fix something - I put myself to that mission.

So I bought a new digitizer from one of eBay sellers. And sadly after replacing... the new digitizer was not working at all. Bringing back the old crashed digitizer to test it - it was still working. Tried to update firmware. Still the same. So I decided that It was faulty and asked for seller to resend the item. The new digitizer (number 2) came. Still the same stuff :(. Started to google.

Found the solution on the internet. I have to let the phone boot with the old digitizer, when the boot is complete, need to remove the lcd and digitizer, replaced with the new digitizer (the phone has to stay on). And after that connected back the lcd... and its works... but sadly (as the author of this solution) if I reboot the phone - will not work again.

PLEASE... Show me the direction what I need to do or where to search the answer


Google it as right now I am too lazy to get my crystal ball to ask it.
I am trying to improve on my clairvoyancy, but until it is perfected....

If You Don't Have Anything Smart to Say, Don't Say Anything At All. That is wisdom :)

The true wisdom would have been to provide the details required to answer your question ;)
You ask for help but totally fail to provide details like brand and model of the phone for starters...
So be smart and tell me what smart answer you expect with a few thausand different phone models on the market?
Not to mention that you forgot to mention if the replacement is a genuine part or cheap chinese knock-off.
Was that smart enough ? ;)

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (G355H). Replacement I think cheap chinese knock-off. 9 euros cost. :).

P.S.: Yes. Much better ;).