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Digitizer problems after screen replacement on iPad 4 Answered

My wife's 1 year old plus iPad (3 or 4 I think?) suffered a minor accident (cat knocked it over) and the Lighting adapter broke inside the receptacle.

Since it was impossible to retrieve the piece of connector inside the plug I decided to take the iPad apart following several online tutorials (I am usually pretty handy)

While I was trying to open the iPad I broke the screen , so once I was done I ordered both the Lighting Connector receptacle and a new screen.
After I received the new parts, I was able to reassemble the iPad without too many issues, once again following instructions in a step by step tutorial and a couple of videos. The finished job Looked great.

However I soon discovered I had a few serious issues:

1) Some areas of the screen do not register touch at all. I poke and poke and no response. This is like a 1" strip on the long side of the screen. Everywhere else, such as the opposite side of the screen, it works fine or it is actually too sensitive.

2) Siri keeps coming on. Even with the ipad asleep sitting under the bed, siri will turn on and off by itself. Quite annoying during the night (I had to turn the iPad completely off).

3) The keyboard works terrible with the keys in the "dead zone" not responding and those in the "live zone" typing 3 or 4 characters per key "press"

I really don't want to open the iPad again until I know what I did wrong and how to do it right next time.

Could I have placed the new screen too close on one side and not enough on the other? What else could have caused this? In all the tutorials I have read before I attempted this repair I took note of all the possible shortcomings, but I did not read anything about a behavior like the one I am experiencing.

I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.


If all is connected right than you may have a bad screen.

I didn't think of that eventuality. Should I contact the company I bought the screen from?

One of the things I don't know is if there is a way to sit the screen wrong over the digitizer. It seems almost impossible to me. Could the screen be too far from the digitizer on one side and too close to the other? WOuld that create this issue?

Either the digitizer fits right over the screen or it will hang off to one side.

The screen fit over the digitizer perfectly. What I means is that maybe the screen was not set over it properly, with one side having a bit more distance between screen and digitizer than the one that is too sensitive.

I honestly don't know. As far as I could tell, it fit perfectly and by looking at the iPad it is identical to the way it was new.

Now, I had to clean the digitizer surface because dust had collected over it and while I was talking, some drops of spittle fell on it ( I started wearing a mask right after it). Mostly these areas were in the center, where the digitizer works fine, but could that have something to do with it?

i have done several ipad screen replacements one of things i like to do is test everything before its fully put back together just last week i came across a similar problem to yours and when i checked the cable for the digitizer wasnt completely flush in the plug i had sections of screen that worked fine and others were completely unresponsive i would try this first before ordering another screen