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Dinosaur contest - results! Answered


I'm happy to announce the winners of the mikeasaurus Dinosaur-Contest!

This contest showcases dinosaur related projects, interpreted by the maker. I wanted to see what dinosaurs meant to you. The entries included dinosaur excavation, surviving a dinosaur attack, and sandblasting a t-rex in glass. You can forget remote tropical laboratories dedicated to cloning dinosaurs based on DNA found in mosquitoes frozen in amber, we got the real dinosaur goods right here:

First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prize:

Check out all the entries, everyone did an awesome job sharing all kids of dinosaur fun!
Thanks to the judges: shesparticular, SinAmos, kcls and cokefloat.

The Dinosaur group remains open for all dinosaur projects, add yours today!


Thanks, Lemonie.  I guess no dino goodies for me!   :(

 I liked it, and hope you will continue in your efforts to teach the community on glass making! 

Glass etching I should say. 


8 years ago

 Congrats to all!!

And thanks to Mikeasaurus and th judges!

 Nice job! I'm subscribing to all winning members. 

 well, I'm subscribing to you! Showed You! (Sticks tounge out)


It says you subscribed to me, but it also says that I'm subscribed me! How'd that happen?!?

 I hope you can see the image!

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 That is SO WEIRD!

 What I did was click on a link of my name, and the subscribe button was there, try it out! (Try the links above where the winners are.)

I would have put the glass in the top 3, too professional?


The glass one would have been better off as a slide show... there wasn't to much info on how to make it.

True. But How to Properly Excavate Dinosaur Fossils struck me as pure theory rather than a made or done.


This is true as well. I would have liked to see real pics- not just ones from a video game.

like all contests, the judges here base their selection on their own criteria. If I were to guess on how these winners were chosen, I'd say the selection was based on originality, depth of description, and humour. But only the judges know for sure.

If you'd like a voice for the next contest all you need to do is subscribe.


8 years ago

Great job everyone!