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Disable Ctrl + O shortcut in windows xp? Answered

I need to disable the Ctrl + o "open" shortcut in windows xp, because it is interfering with an nes emulator.  It would be best if I didn't require programming, but it is okay if it does.
(I tried to submit this question twice already and it doesn't show up! I even waited a few hours and it still didn't show up!)

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Best Answer 8 years ago

It surely can't interfere unless you use it? Or do you mean that the NES emulator want's to use the same function? (but it doesn't work)


 The problem is that one of the buttons is o and one is ctrl on the gamepad, so when they are pressed it brings up the open menu

Change the game pad assignments to prevent this key combination, or use an actual controller.  You will never be able to bypass this, as it is built into Windows' kernal as well as the emulator.