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Disabled Veterans Answered

Disabled Veterans have given all of us a major chunk of their lives. Some are left with the ability to do little else but to sit at a table and make wallets, picture frames or stained glass. My local VA Hospital supports a craft program so I have introduced its staff to the Instructables in hopes that they will not only find projects on the Instructables that our guys can do at a table but that our guys might be able to teach us. Please get out your camera and note pad and visit your own local VA Hospital or other support group and see if they might be interested in doing the same thing. It's a great way to help our Vets and a great way to help the rest of us.



7 years ago

I am a Veteran and I just started on this website. You are absolutely correct when you said that some of us are not able to do too much anymore. I was bored out of my mind. I just happened to run across this website and... YAY! Now I can look for interesting projects to do. I arange to get the supplies and then I have fun with the project. It's GREAT!!! Thanks for thinking of the Veterans. It's nice to know that somebody appreciates us.


10 years ago

That is such an awesome thing to do! I hope that they do find use for it. I might have to talk to the VA guy my store donates paperbacks to. I wonder if any of his guys would like doing things like that. All I know about them is that they love paperbacks. :P


Reply 10 years ago

I know one person who's life revolved around reading paperbacks and I can say she would have been overjoyed to have access to email and the Internet as we know it today for sites such as the Instructables, the Wikipedia and forums of all different kinds. I can hardly wait to point the first computer in the craft room at the VA Hospital to the Instructables and populate every room with an online computer housing a DV. For those who love paperbacks direct access to the Internet could multiply their lives at least 10,000 times.