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Disappearing Go g e? Answered

You may have seen that Google has a crop-circle theme today, with a hovering UFO. The "l" is missing (even from the name of the image-file). A while ago, an "o" was kidnapped by a very similar UFO. Do the artists at Google know something we don't...? What letter is next?


Oooo! Oooo! I figured this one out!

When they changed the picture over, their Twitter status was updated to the coordinates "51.327629, -0.5616088." If you pull up those coordinates on Google Maps, it is centered on the name Horsell. Woking is where the narrator lived in War of the Worlds, and Horsell Commons is where the first cylinder landed. KAPOW!!! No idea what significance it has to the date, though.

Oh, and the last one is believed to be a reference to Zero Wing, due to this Twitter status that translates (a=1, b=2) to "all your o are belong to us."

aHA! H.G. Wells was born September 21, 1866, and Zero Wing was released September 21, 1989! So, the next question is, why does Google have advance knowledge of an alien invasion next Monday?

Your comment in fact made me laugh loudly to myself... He owes you five?? I owe him twenty....

Er...should I be worried that ya'll are placing bets on who does or does not garner my affection?

The Zero Wing was determined with help from various online sources, War of the Worlds and the dates was all me. :D

OMG this is wierd i do think google knows something we dont. any way i saw something on geography channel thingy and they were talking about rosswell a city that is known as alien fans i say this because they were talking about a alien UFO that crashed, they got two dead or live (unconcious) aliens from the ship. they found wierd metal that if you burned it it wouldn't do any thing or if you crunch itno a ball it will automatic go back to its original form with n scratches. BEWARE!!!!! LOOK UP ROSSWELL ALIEN CRASH ON GOOGLE!!

Hey, Stargazer! How's high school? Surviving? Be careful about taking any UFO story at face value - remember what I told you in class: demand evidence.

Ha - I figured out s/he was a student before I even read the rest of your sentence.

Kitepupils now? Woah... are you single-handedly going to kick-start the green/DIY movement among Britain's youth?

I am now the Head of Year 8 - that's the cohort that turn 13 during the year, so they can all become members!

Unfortunately, Instructables seems to be filtered for student accounts...

How's that? Surely Eric et al would let some KiteStudents in (unofficially of course...)

As far as I know, Stargazer96 is the only (ex) pupil of mine active here, but I'm fairly sure that others have memberships, and certain that they read it, because I've heard my username being used in the corridors at school.

Haha! MR KITE!!! I need some assistance with my death ray!

So you're a good influence. This is a great place for young folks to learn how "science" (in the broadest possible sense) can be done -- questioning and experimentation.

The site is restricted from being accessed at the school's end, not at I'bles.

Zackly. All the schools in the county access the internet through the same portal. Somebody at county-level sets filters depending on the age-range of the school. If my students try to access Instructables, they get an orange screen and a message saying, effectively, "no". If staff or students try and access YouTube, Flikr, FaceBook etc, they have set things so that the browser shuts down entirely. It's damned annoying, sometimes - there is loads of stuff that it would be useful to show quickly in a lesson, and we have to request that the network manager download it and save it on the network (only to have him then moan at us for using huge chunks of the school's memory...).

cool what do you mean by that's the cohort that turn 13 during the year, so they can all become members

I told you last year - Year 8 are the "age 13" year-group ("cohort"). You are supposed to be 13 to be a member here.

LoL, that was terrific!! I'm with you!! Those sneaky Americans hiding all the evidence!! You reckon they hide all the good info on Google to keep it secret? Tricky, tricky men.... Try searching Rosswell real alien autopsy on Google... That's so real I reckon!!

thats what i said to all the people to search for

Keeps searching, especially for information that says Rosswell did not happen... Then you can take both sides of the story and make up your own mind. Much better than reading just a few "accounts" .

Google is good but the REAL truth, lies within the thousands of accounts.

they kept the aliens in an army base in rosswell i think something like that

Evidence, youngling? Evidence?

Arrrr the unbridled spirited nature of youths. Sometimes I wish I was uncorrupted, by the inhibitions of facts to proove a case. Speaking of evidence, you seem fairly sure it did not happen (I neither believe nor dis-believe), perhaps you may site some evidence to proove it did not indeed happen. ; P I would struggle to accumulate evidence, for either side in this case..

Sorry, it is never the responsibility of scientists to disprove an absurd or extraordinary claim. Those making the claim need to provide supporting evidence.

When (responsible) scientists do make extraordinary claims, they provide both supporting evidence, and predictions for future observations which can be used to disprove their work (e.g., "if you observe XYZ, then my theory must be wrong.").

I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I am saying it is unlikely to have happened, given the quality of the evidence available.

They are messing with the Bing heads. Anyone that wants their search engine to selectively eliminate what IT thinks you should or should not see is bound to fail eventually. BING sensors, in a sense.

The L is there. Its the path made from the tractor. But what is find disturbing is the missing cows! You can just make out the shape of one inside the UFO.

The "l" has been made by the green thing (farm ve-hic-le?). The idea of this artwork is that the circles look like "Google" with that track, while G excepted they're just crop-circles.



8 years ago

well if we go with 2 assumptions, i have a guess. 1. that we we reach the end of google, we go back to the g(googlegoogle.....) 2. that the pattern is 3 then 2. I say o(g ogle) then g(goo le)