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Disappearing text when editing instructables Answered

I'm in the middle of writing up an Instructable, and twice now have had to completely rewrite steps.

The circumstances each time were identical:

1. I added an image to a new step.
2. I added text to the step.
3. I added another image to the step.
4. The text vanished as the new image appeared on the step.

I'm using XP and up-to-date FF4.

Update: Frequent use of the "save" button doesn't work. I just typed up the last step of my Instructable, hit save, added an image, and the text disappeared again.




7 years ago

I had this exact samae thing just happen to me on Monday night.
First, I usually use the browser Flock to do everything. Flock is no longer supported, they quit doing updates, so when a problem came up I switched to Firefox. The problem in flock was that the edit button would not work anymore. I could look at what I had written in the preview tab but the edit tab was empty. It was working just fine, then suddenly stopped allowing me to do anything. So I opened Firefox and in there was the edit tab with text. I was well on my way to finishing my instructable, a very long one with a lot of text. I had been editing and tweaking and was getting ready to publish it and enter it into the pets contest. Anyway, I found a few more good pictures I wanted to add. When I added the pictures to the page and scrolled back up to see how it looked all my text was GONE. I tried the undo but it was grayed out. I tried going back, I tried everything. I even went into Firefox cache to see if it had saved it there. Nothing, it was gone. I had not copied the text for that page. So I had to write it all over again. I know I missed some things I had written originally but my time was running out. Now I was pushing the deadline. SO, again its almost done. I go to the last page, the text is good. I save it and then once again add a few more pictures. Again all the text for the page disappeared. NOTHING, GONE. Panic!!! Once again I had to rewrite the page from memory. I finally got it published at 11.20. Way to close to the deadline for me. Lots of extra work and anxiety. So its a problem. Anymore I will be more paranoid and copy and paste everything. But still, this was a bad glitch.

I remembered another symptom. When the edit tab was showing a blank box in Flock I tried to get a PDF printout. I figured that would give me a copy of all text. It said that it made the file but then it did nothing. I tried this twice and both times nothing happened.

By the way, the edit tab is now working again in Flock (I did try restarting everything first when this came up but that didn't do anything) . So this might have been something that hapend at that time but is not happening now. You might want to check the logs for the servers. My proble was going on Sept 5 around 8 to 11 PM .


7 years ago

It happened to me too, I didn't know it was a bug... I thought it was my browser because sometimes FF does things like that. I was also getting the bug that makes that the squares on your images change position or size.

I'm now writing my instructable in IE and it hasn't happened since.

Hey Kiteman!

I've been trying to reproduce this, and I can't.

I waited until today to respond because I wanted to try the xp machine at work. I tried uploading images from both my library and from my computer, and it works.

There used to be an issue, where if you edited the text while an image was uploading, all of the changes you made while that was uploading would be lost...but I couldn't even get that to happen, so I think that's been fixed as well.

Please let me know if you come up with another way to reproduce this, as I know it's an issue, but a very difficult one to pin down. Thanks for the spot on instructions too!

I'll be writing another Instructable in the next week - if it happens again, I'll let you know.

I have found it wonky when you first add a step and the title text is in a highlighted color and you cannot edit the title. I think the autosave feature is doing something. Do a manual save of the step first and then you can edit the title and add images or change the body text. Manual save often.

I usually do, but occasionally I forget.

Of course, it shouldn't be happening at all (not any more - others have reported similar bugs several times over the years). Better to report a bug than keep a work-around to myself.


(Update on my next project - it should be ready for publishing Tuesday evening (UK time), rather than Wednesday. I could have it done 24 hours earlier, but varnish takes time to dry.)

"When all other things fails, read the manual"

Seriously, I have experienced some difficulties, but no great. Example: the note's frame in images displaced, some notes lost.