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Disassemble a microsoft 2000 wireless mouse (keyboard combo)? Answered

Its middle click is wayyy too hard, I found a guide which says it can be fixed, but I can't figure out a way to open this piece.

There are no visible screws , I tried pealing off the bottom rubber pads, but found 0 screws.
Also pealed off some sticker below the batteries, still nothing.

Help please !


I found the damn 4 screws. They are under the two stickers on the bottom (you need to rip the stickers apart).

Happy fixing!


Hi, there are 4 screws under the 2 sliding stickers in the front and back on the bottom side of the mouse. I just broke the mouse into pieces to find them :-)

Thanks @normalteren.

unfortunately this means you have to destroy your mouse a little further to fix it :)

my original problem was that the rubber around the mouse wheel disintegrated. there are two thin flat round layers of plastic on each side of the mouse wheel (that would hold the rubber in place if it was still there). i cut the tops of the plastic, now i can use the mouse a little longer until i find a replacement.

that's for you help.

If it doesn't have screws then it is a snap together mouse. Find the seam an insert a thin knife or flat blade screw driver and pry the pieces apart. If you're lucky then it'll come apart with out breaking. Lots of the snap together stuff is locked and isn't meant to come apart, so you may break it getting it apart. Most of the time the keepers are symmetrical and if you can get one unlocked then you know where the other one is.

Thanks so much for answering. I found a seam(below the left/right clicks) and even tried prying it opens, it opens a bit, but doesn't open completely. Looks like its one of those not meant to come apart mice :( .