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Discount Code just for Instructables members! Answered

The awesome folks at Silhouette America have been donating prizes and tools for us like crazy.  Now they want to share the love with everyone!

From June 21-28, 2012, you can get the CAMEO + Rhinestone Starter Kit for only $269.99

See? They set it up just for us

We've had a blast with our CAMEO.  Check out some of the fun projects we've made here at HQ:

Using a CAMEO

The T-Shelf

Put a Bird On It
Butterfly Card

What will you make?  Check out their blog for inspiration (I do almost every day. Those strawberries are too cute to exist!)



6 years ago

Neat. I saw a local craigslist posting awhile ago when they were looking for a part time project designer. I replied and linked them my instructables profile, but I have no idea if they looked at it. I don't really have scrapbooky type projects up, and I can't actually get away from my kids long enough for even a part time job, but it sure was a fun thought. :)

I'd be willing to make a couple projects for them to feature on their blog or whatever for free, though, if they let me come to their office and use their machines for the projects. (I could get someone to watch the kidlets for a one time thing)


6 years ago

Those strawberries are cute. I really need to learn to use ours!