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Disgusting..... Answered

Is it just me or does anyone else find this in bad taste for instructables to post?


IMO it should not be allowed and find it crazy that intructables would post this to the G+ communities..

This is just My Opinion and wondered if anyone else thought the same thing..


The management needs to decide whether they want the instructables web site to be accessed by schools. As schools are run by rather odd people (not unlike Sheldon Cooper from big bang), It only takes one complaint from a parent to get the whole site blocked to the school. Once a site is blocked it is very difficult to get it back up. I been at this school 8 years and still cant get Youtube!

I would point out there has been a couple of other instructables that have been out there, there was one a couple of months ago that was basically instruction on how to make a strap on penis in disguise, which I flagged I don't know if is still around or not.

As somebody else said, a dedicated 18+ section would attract some downright peculiar stuff.

There have been a number of adult projects posted over the years, and they haven't been deleted, but you won't find them on a simple search - they get quarantined, and you need the URL from the author to read it.

Isn't it up to the parents at any point?

Either you trust the child to browse within the bounds set by whatever filters you have set up, or you monitor every page they look at. I've had conversations with both my son's about what they do or see online. The eldest is now an adult, but the youngest has his activity checked, and has to put up with having his dad as a friend on social media.

If there's any project you have a problem with, hit the Flag button and move on.

IMO, this project is close to the edge, but not over it. But, what kind of Makers would we be if we didn't push boundaries now and then?

Not wanting to start an argument, but you say that you wouldn't have a problem with them if you were single and child free. Isn't that a bit of double-standards?

Might I suggest that your problem is not with the project, but with your own embarrassment when talking to your daughter about topics with a more mature theme? I don't know how old your daughter is, but you are eventually going to have to have That Conversation with her. You might as well use this as practise, because she is going to see much, much more extreme content if you let her continue to use the internet.

(I understand that the average age of encountering hardcore or pornography is now 11.)

Seeing as you are a fairly recent member to the site, please allow me to fill you in on some of the nuances of this site that have been discussed before in several topics many a time.

1. You have an opinion. We respect that.

2. Instructables tries to be kid-friendly, not G+ given that it has such a varied audience and traverses globally.

3. The terms of service sets 13 years of age as the low limit for users of the site. Anyone younger should be supervised and thus the onus of explaining stuff and restricting viewing is all on the parents or guardians.

4. This site is all about people making and sharing whatever they have made -subject to the terms of service.

5. Instructables is also a business, so whatever to get more viewers or raise the ratings, the better.

6. This is the internet.

7. Makers and also artists. So throw in the "Is this art?" argument. The maker community can be avant-garde so at times it will just seem weird or offensive.

8. @sixsmith, I resemble that remark.

9. Just wait until that ible (instructable) is featured in the newsletter that goes out to thousands of readers. You can voice your concern again.

10. This is why ibles is a great place. There is lively civilized discussion on anything you care to talk about or show and tell.

Welcome to Instructables.

(btw, I am not on staff, only a member at large)

I can understand that, I've seen a couple of things over the years that aren't quite kid friendly.
I almost mentioned the idea of an 18+ section in my comment, but then I realized that it would devolve very quickly into a seedy part of the internet, though a spin off website would be a decent way to go about it, and isolate instructables (and Autodesk) from negative associations with such things as that instructable.

There is a line that shouldn't be crossed, its jumping all over it. I hope none of my year nine students spot it, they will all want a pair.

Nope, might be bad taste, but in my opinion it doesn't really cross a line. now the comments section, that's a bit of another deal. . bunch of creepsters it seemed like.