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Dishwasher spray arm: make/buy and attach to PVC Answered

What I'm trying to accomplish: a usable dishwasher spray arm, that can attach to a PVC pipe, for reasonably cheap.

I'm not against buying one, and I've looked at this one, which is snap-on, and this one, which has a nicer price but it's hard to tell how exactly it might work (or more likely, not work). I mean, how would you ever attach that to PVC? And the former is a little on the expensive side.

I've also thought of making one out of PVC, since you could easily drill small holes in a piece of PVC pipe and stick them onto a T. But that has the problem of not being able to spin at all, much less spin on its own. I have searched long and hard and have not been able to find any sort of rotary union that would work (and I'm afraid even if I did, it may not allow free passage of water). A solution for spinning on its own may be as simple as making the pipes "bent," so the water would force it to spin as it goes around the corner.

TL;DR: How can I make/buy a dishwasher spray arm that can attach to PVC (actually two of them)?

And in case you're wondering, yes, this is for a dishwasher (DIY).

Thanks for the help!


You know... I thought about that, and it might work. My fear would be that the pressure wouldn't be enough to sustain one, much less two. I was imagining the osculating type of sprinkler (like this one). Were you thinking of that or something else? Thanks though, this might be what I end up doing!

There is a type of sprinkler with a rotating arm, much like the sprayer in most dishwashers. Sometimes this is on a "tractor" type sprinkler.

whatabout a lawn sprinkler?