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Disposable Camera Flash Circuit? Answered

I was making a coilgun through the flash circuit of a fujifilm disposable camera and multiple other capacitors I had laying around and I wanted to have the capacitors in a separate spot from the charging circuit.  However, I accidentally nudged the capacitor that was already on the circuit a bit too hard and ripped up some of the copper connections underneath.  Typically I can usually find another place to solder the ends of the component back to the circuit by looking at the circuit board and connecting the leads to something that is also connected to where the part is supposed to be. But there happened to be some sort of blue plastic film covering that specific part of the circuit board which i cannot take off and is preventing me from seeing where else I can place the leads of the capacitor.  If someone is familiar with this could you please tell me where I can solder them on?  The flash circuit is from a QUICKSNAP-FLASH400 model fujifilm disposable camera.



It would be easier to say with a picture of the damage.

Most of these cameras are wired like this.

Camera Flash 3.bmp

The right side is completely ripped and the left, the capacitor hole ripped but the halogen contact is seems to be still ok.


If you use a sharp instrument to scrape off the white ink under the yellow you find the conductors follow the yellow line.

If that is correct the red lines represent the joints you need to make and the capacitor connect to the red lines.


I would just grab another board ;)
The places that still develop fils often give them away for free if you agree to take the empty case as well.
Some even leave the batteries inside.

I've tried going to some places around me and they all say that either they don't have any or that they ship them out some place. I was only able to get my hands on one for free :/

The availability of materials in the local marketplace depends a lot on where "local" is for you.

For example, in my home town, somewhere in the former United States, there are these places called, "thrift stores", that sell used junk, and for me that would probably be the best place to find a camera flash charger board, as part of an obsolete film camera.

I would not want to pay more than about 1 or 2 USD, per used junk camera.

It is also possible to find these things online, but the cost to ship junk like this, is more than the cost of the junk itself.

For example, Electronic Goldmine of Scottsdale, Arizona, sells used camera flash boards, uh, here,

Such things are also sold on eBay, of course.

I dunno. Are there still places that sell disposable cameras? I mean what does a disposable camera cost, just to buy it out of desperation because you want the camera flash board?

I know it's stupid when you can't find junk, locally, at junk prices.

But, you know, keep looking. Check the dumpsters too. Maybe something will materialize.

Yea the cost of my disposable camera at walmart was like 4 dollars. Im all out of luck unless I go online for these parts so unless I need any more I will keep these tips in mind. Thanks