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Disposable rounds for knex pistols, rifles,crossbows and other weapons? Answered

Is there a possible way of making disposable rounds for knex guns? The advantages are: 1.YOu do not have to pick them up after a knex war somewhere not in your house because they would biodegrade if made of paper? 2.You do not have to worry about losing pieces everywhere (doesn't it bother you people that when you shoot the knex, you don't know where it went and you lost a piece?) And the bullets have to fit in a mag loading, i have started making bullets for the okp and it worked, i used those rods from balloons you get from supermarkets. But is there a disposable bullet made for these: (you may request as a comment for other pieces if you wish):grey connectors, green rods, white rods, yellow rods,yellow connectors?


I know there are some paper wasp guns around, but they all suck. Your best bet is a RBG, but those are suckish in terms of power.

I have made one and it does find, better than white rods cause their solid! getting pictures now

it could be a solid paper bullet which would penetrate with even more force than the actual bullet, but i might be wrong, i'm working on one with bbs and paper

I don't mind losing some pieces here and there. I might lose ten a day. But it would be cool to use disposable Oodammo.

it will be really hard and prob wont fly too well cuz its paper and doesn't have the weight needed to fly strait unles there fin stablised but i think paper ammo would go like 2 feet and flop around abit then fall and also to the weight prob paper is very flimsy and by geting struck by the firing pin can tear unless you use like wads of paper and those wont have the weight ethier aaaannnndddd they wont hurt at all

a solid paper bullet can shoot well over 40 feet from experience