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Disturbing private message Answered

Someone thought that it is funny to send harassing messages to my inbox. Would someone please investigate what is going on? Thank you for your help.


I am very sorry about this, and please be assured that instructables doesn't stand for those sorts of attitudes. You can be sure he will be dealt with.

If you want a faster response in the future, you can also try emailing: service@instructables.com

I've gone ahead and forwarded this forum topic to them.

If only to keep that from the eyes of others...

I removed the offending picture but I have it saved to produce it upon request.

Ya, that's not very nice.... I don't think this member (that signed up today) knows how to be nice. He's made 3 comments and all appear to have been removed, so I would imagine his account (along with this PM) will be deleted as well. - Don't take it personally. I'd bet it was more random than anything.