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Diy Roulette Wheel? Answered

I am wondering if anybody here has the knowledge on how to construct a roulette wheel? The internet has so far proven very un-helpful on this topic.  I want to make a wooden tabletop wheel with a ball, not a vertical one with an arrow.


What is your skillset and what tools do you have available?
Comes down to basic math for the required angles bt getting this translated in accurate parts is whole different game.

I have a good bit of woodworking knowledge and pretty much everything tool related...router, tablesaw, bandsaw, jigsaw, scrollsaw, etc. I get the general idea of how to make one but I don't know what makes it able to spin for such a long time...

I was only able to spin the wheel myself once on a casino grade roulette but from that I know they are really heavy.
Would say about 20kg at least for the spinning part.
If you use a tapered bearing like used in the hub of you cars wheels then it should work fine.
On a smaller scale I wuld take a bicycle wheel with axle as a base for me work.
Has a suitable diameter and the right type of bearings for a long spin.
Plus ou have a stable mounting base for the rest of the wheel.
Rest is math and angles.

A bike wheel or old wheel bearing is a great idea - thanks. And yes, I was assuming it has to be quite heavy as it must require a ton of inertia to keep it spinning so long.

Maybe giant ball bearings or something? I'm imagining a giant fidget spinner for some reason.