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Diy Vibram-like Fivefingers? Answered

I was looking at Vibrams a bit, as I enjoy doing things barefoot, but I don't like the price they run. So I was thinking of maybe making my own minimalist "barefoot" shoes that had the toes like vibrams do. I was thinking maybe like toe socks dipped in rubber tool-dip. Well, not exactly like that, but something slightly similar. And obviously cheaper. Any Ideas would be appreciated :D Thanks!




Best Answer 8 years ago

I was thinking along the same lines. I have an idea that I plan to try out using socks and a plastic coating.  I'll try to post an instructable when done.

Heres an instructable I made to create cheap vibram-like shoes :]


I will have to try this! Looks great. Do you know of any cheaper places to get sugru than from the company themselves?


Sadly I think the company is the only seller for sugru. I'm currently doing some tests using liquid rubbers; I'll let you know what works out best :)

I've tried this concept. I made thick cardboard feet to hold the socks in position while I plastered three layers of Plasti-Dip on the toe socks. The only problem with my method is the socks are tight in the toes. Durability depends on the running surface. Asphalt or concrete wears them quicker than trail running.

try ebay for some knock-offs -- run about $35

I got a pair off Ebay, but they are built to the completely wrong specs. They hurt your feet very bad compared to the real product.

I looked up your question a week ago because I had the same one. I was planning on trying slime like what you put in your bike inner-tubes but a friend of mine suggested using hot glue and it worked! Happy running! https://www.instructables.com/id/2-Running-Shoes/

For durability you might want to get some rubber sheet or an old tire and adhere a toe sock to the rubber with silicon sealant/caulking. The silicone is a durable flexible synthetic rubber that is also a good adhesive. after you glue it on, you can cut out the "footprint" in the rubber. Just watch out b/c the silicone will gush through the sock. Maybe wrap your foot in plastic wrap to mold the silicone.

I don't know why that wouldn't work.  The stuff might not be that flexable unless you get some that is very fresh.

There are other liquid plastics that are available.