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Do Amps matter?!? Answered

Ok, I need a charger for my motorolla two way radios. I have the dock, only need a DC power supply. on one of them it states "18Volts DC +/- 20%, 15.3 watts" .Lets say I get 18VDC 1amp power supply, that's 18W,it means it's an overkill? or 15V 2Amps? As I understand, usually amps don't matter, as the item draws as much as it needs, but since it is a charger..

Cheers for the teh help!


Thanks guys!


6 years ago

You got most of it right the item will draw what it needs BUT
the supply must have more amps capability for your item to work ! !

18 VDC  15.3 Watts means ( 15.3 /18 ) = 0.85 A = 850 ma

So you need a source supply that can deliver 18 VDC @ 1 ADC



6 years ago

Having more amperage than what is needed will not matter. Having less will. If the power supply could not give it enough amperage then it would probably burn out while trying. But as long as the voltages are correct and there is a high enough amperage rating then the power supply should not have a problem. Just a note --- make sure your polarity is correct.