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Do DVD drives have an IR laser or only a red laser? Answered

I want to make a lasercutter from a printer and DVD laser.However,I don't want to accidentally blind myself with an IR laser.If there is an IR laser in DVD drives,how can I find the red laser without powering the lasers?

I really need help


DVD's have a red laser diode but it is much easier to buy a 245mW diode from Ebay or something because even if you spent the $50 on a DVD burner that you might ruin the diode trying to get it out of the dvd casings. By the way, IR (IFRARED) IS DANGEROUS!!!! Just because you can't see the light from it does not mean it is isn't dangerous! In fact, this makes it even more dangerous because you can be blinded without even knowing or seeing the beam before your vision is gone. Be CAREFULL!!!!!! Also Dvd burner drives typically have 3 different diodes ( 1 for CD data disks, infrared for music cds, and 1 for dvds).

nope, I think the guy I'm talking about posted in 06, and people were havin' problems with his use of the english language

I guess you were talking about the photooptics ad on the right-top of page - Looks like goobly-gook to me. And they are almost $50 apiece, and you have to buy lots of 10+. Therewas a guy that used to have an instructable from South America on how to destroy a cdrom to get to the laser, you wouldn't by any chance have or know of his posting, would you? Christ gave us Grace by His death, I pray Peace and Love to ALL - And the Greatest of these being Love, towards ALL

You should get a laser module you know will work, rather than trying to get them out of DVD drives. Trust me, those things just don't want to come out of the drive, they're buried deep within and need all sorts of tiny screwdrivers just to get at. DVDs do have a red laser, and it can be quite powerful. IR is also quite harmless, I think you're thinking of UV. UV (ultra-violet) is at the other end of the spectrum, very low wavelength and generally high energy. UV can definitely blind you. But then again, so can this red laser. Just wear appropriate eye protection. I don't think gluing a laser diode to a printer is going to do anything meaningful. The laser won't be powerful enough to cut quickly, which means it's going to heat up the paper (or whatever you want to cut) quite a lot before it burns through. You'll probably just end up burning holes in the paper, if it'll do anything at all.

WARNING! Infrared laser radition *IS* HARMFUL to your corneas.

My favorite engineer related quote comes from a IR diode laser test bench sticker which states-

"WARNING! Do not look into laser with remaining eye!"

i think this idea may work well to engrave wood...

Me again, I just wanted to add that most DVD players have one of those insignifcant (but usually important) stickers on the bottom that says, "WARNING, when this device is in use, subject can be subjected to harmful IR beams if incorrectly handled. Always read the saftey manual if concerned." So always be careful playing with these sorts of devices.

Yes, it would be very tricky just trying to get the thing out of the DVD. They are very sensitive and prone to stop working. I was playing around with my DVD player (hahaha) and I poked the laser with my finger. Never worked again, so I dismantled it for spare pieces. Moral of the story is, it is easier to buy one then trying to hack one.

IR's Infrared. The wavelengths are way different.

I think your think of the burning dvd BURNER laser by kipkay.