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Do I need mods to change the Tr18 to a Tr8? Answered

 Do I need mods to change the tr18 into a Tr8? If so can you please show me how? Thanks


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Best Answer 8 years ago

The only real mod you need to make other than the turret is the rod the turret goes on.  For the 8 shot TR, the rod needs to slide down the hole in the middle of the white connectors and a Y connector must be inserted at the very end of the white connectors, before the trigger.

 What i dont understand sorry so the rod ... goes into the middle space of the white connector where that big hole is? if not, can you show me a pic? thanxs

I have another question. Why are the tr8/18
So powerful?


7 years ago

why have the 8-shot turret when you can have 18!?!?!?

Why go and buy more parts when your parents wont let you!?!?!?

Ok look at this picture:

You see, that in the place of where the Y-Shape Connectors are in now, normally the Tr18 turret-holding rod goed trough. But now, it will shove 1 cm up through the HOLE of all white connectors, and secure it with an tan clip or something at the end (where your trigger-finger is at)

Ok, got it?

Foto 0503.jpg

The Red rod and the Y-Shape sonnectors are strength-bars. So don't misunderstand.

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