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Do You Have Midnight Club Los Angeles For The PS3 (With Map Expansion, Premium Pack, Vehicle Pack 1 and Vehicle Pack 2)? Answered

I'm currently playing MC LA (Midnight Club Los Angeles) a lot, and wondered if any of you K'nexers have Midnight Club (With Map Expansion, Premium Pack, Vehicle Pack 1 and Vehicle Pack 2) for the PS3, if so.. LET'S ROLL!!! (lol) -Viccie.B1993-


Also all those extra packs? If so, i'll play with you :P

Mines MotaBoi (psn) but i dont have the premium pack though. i have the other packs. i have 100% came completion too. i also got GTA IV but it keeps freezing and i already traded in my moterstorm. PM when we should play together, maybe monday 5:00? PS- Do you have CoD4? PPS- How far are you in mcla?

too late! i sold my ps3 and i had like 20 games, heres some i remember: mgs4, gta4, gh3, assassin's creed, GRAW 1 and 2, rachet and clank future\: tod, socom confrontation, re5, battlefield:bad company, soulcalibar 5, gran turismo 5 prologue, marvel ultimate alliance,

Did you have a PS3?! AND YOU SOLD IT?! Why'd you do that? You even got GTA IV, one of the best freeroam games. Why would you sell it?! (lol)

i have an xbox 360 now...and the ps3 wouldn't read discs and i couldn't buy a new one, kinda made me sad because i wouldn't see any of my friends anymore, and i wouldn't play socom online (had to leave my clan). but i have gta4 for the 360 and a lot of other games now, and my friends from school play on xbox live!

No I don't have it but is your PS3 login Viccie.B1993 because if so I will add you.

It is, but if you don't have any game that i have (Midnight Club, GTA IV, or Motorstorm), then whats the point of adding me? :/