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Do You have any idea how to make a dell 2007wfp display to look like a mac cinema display? Answered

Like, how to make the logo and the stand , etc



Best Answer 9 years ago

i would disassemble the monitor ans spray paint the case of the monitorm with the silvery alumuninm spray paint. reassemble, and then design a new stand for the monitor. then i would print out a copy of the apple logo on sticker paper, and put it on the monitor.

how do you remove the dell logo? and is the apple logo on the monitor raised or flush?

sand it off, or paint over it. the logo is flush. (Like a sticker)

How do you make the new apple logo not look like a sticker?

cut the sticker out, or use one of the apple stickers that come with any apple product

can you give me the actual logo on the mac monitors?

thanks for the best answer

Welcome, Check out some of my instructables if you want

sand it off then with like a dremwl or a rasp

just tape $20 bills all over it and you'll have roughly the same thing.


9 years ago

Put speakers all around the room.