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Do acne treatments really work or does it depend on the persons skin? Answered



You might want to talk to your doctor and make sure it's acne, there's a skin condition that's often mistaken for acne that the acne treatments will have little to no affect on.

umm i know you but i use proactive and it is awsome. i heard bensal cleanse is also good.

well knexsuspension is nothing- but i am the master at making suspension for knex cars, so i called myself knexsuspensionmaster, and i was born in '96 so ya

It depends what treatments you're talking about.


hmm I use Proactiv and clean and clear......... not that effecive though

Well you answered your own question on that product! But I see you've got other suggestions too, hope they help.


That is so cool =D (I dont use makeup, my face gets swollen)

my skin is not that bad i could say.....I just learned something =D I'll try it