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Do anyone out there have know-how to made solar cell from scratch? Answered

Please advice how to made "3 x 6 solar cell, 1.8 ~ 2 watts, 0.5 volts".

Question 1 : Home Made.
Note          : I know they are out there make to stock awaiting for buyer.

Question 2 : Where to looks for Step-by-Step Guideline.

Thank you in advanced.


Ok I'll save you the reading although I suggest you do read the links.

At any realistic level of efficiency the simple fact is you can't match industrial materials and manufacturing methods at home.

Low level solar generators can be made at home from a variety of materials but their efficiency is always very low.

@rickharris, after screened through proposed link there is no way to homemade solar cell as per shown above picture. Will be heading to buy. Anyway thanks for the link.

Thanks for the reply @rickharris. Need time to go through the above link.