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Do aquarium fish like cold or warm LED light best? Answered

I am making an aquiarium (from an old tv, to be specific), and I wonder if the fish like warm or cold LED light best. The light will be their 'daylight'.


It really depends on your preference. For freshwater aquariums, I like a blend of both warm and cool LED's. I built a fixture using a 1/3 warm and 2/3 cool white ratio, and it looks fantastic - colors just seem to pop like nothing I've ever seen, and the warm white is just enough to keep the bluish hue of the cool white in check.

 warmer most likely i have never used LED's but i have used flourecents and you dont want to musch heat but you need to keep the tank about 75 degrees so i dont know what kind of LED but i am thinking warmer

Aquaria usually require high colour-temperature lighting (like sunlight). Goldfish will live in room-light, but something more like natural sunlight is obviously better.
Lighting will affect plants, algae and bacteria - you could ask the advice of the place you're going to get the fish from, but if they advise you buy lamps from them ask a lot of questions about lighting with the word "why" in them. Suck knowledge from people who should know and make your own judgment upon that.