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Do i have to worry about being exposed to radiation?? Answered

Hey does anyone know if im in trouble from being around an open but unplugged microwave...ive already removed the transformer and the capacitor...


No just AMR Electric Meters!

Thank you everybody...does anyone know if i could rig up a portable version??? or maybe focus it somehow into a beam or something...i know its a little far fetched but feasible is all i realy need, and possibly a few pointers

I'd change that to "Feasible? Probably yes". But definitely not safe...


10 years ago

This is not "radioactive" radiation, but electromagnetic radiation, like from a radio transmitter, except a bit higher frequency. So when the power is turned off, there is no radiation coming from the microwave. Calling microwaving food "nuking" is highly misleading, since there is nu "nuclear" radiation involved...

Ever heard of "microwave transmitters"? It's essentially a tightly focused radio transmitter, used to transmit telephone signals, television channels etc from one point to another within line of sight.

Microwave radiation is also used for radar, and this is actually how its heating properties were discovered: one of the radar researchers noticed that his candy bar was melting in his pocket when he was standing too close to the radar antenna. There's stories of naive technicians warming their hands on cold winter nights - needless to say, this was well before people figured out that heating your insides is a really, really bad idea...

(Personal anecdote: I remember my dad telling me about the time he visited a high-powered military radar installation in Belgium. At one point his tour guide grabbed a broom from a pile obviously put there for demonstration purposes, and held it up in front of the radar antenna, at which point the broom promptly burst into flames!)

The microwave oven essentially acts like a microwave radio antenna, which focuses all its power in an enclosed chamber. It also works at a specific frequency which happens to get absorbed by water molecules in your food, causing it to heat up. The microwave chamber itself is enclosed in metal - even the window, which has a semi-transparent metal grid in front of it. This creates a Faraday cage which prevents the radiation from leaking out, and melting that candy bar in your pocket - or your brain, for that matter...

You biggest danger is cutting yourself when you slip with a screwdriver.

Or accidentally shorting out the capacitor.

Or dropping the transformer on your toe.

An unplugged um is only a tripping hazard.

Well, he wrote the capacitor is gone already so as long as he doesn't shatter the magnetron (which isn't readioactive, but still can pose some hazard), he should be ok. Now that I reread your post, you are right about the screwdirver.....personal experience speaking.....don't drive it through you hand or arm or anything. :-) It is not a hard thing to do if you are straining with it.

. No radiation is produced when the magnetron is off and there is no residual radiation - you're OK.

The "magnetron" should only generate microwaves when it is plugged in & on; which normally means the door needs to be shut too (there should be a safety switch in the door).

To be honest, you have more to fear from your Smoke detector then from the Mw.