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Do i need a non-conductive material to protect the back of a bare lcd monitor from it's component? Answered

So i've disasemble my lcd monitor and builded a new frame for it, the back of the lcd is in metal and there are two pcb's attached to it so i was wondering if I needed to add some material to isolate the component from the metal plate behind the monitor?

Usually the pcb's are mounted on a plate to it won't touch the monitor directly. Thanks


It would certainly be a good idea. I think I would

Couple of pieces of overhead projector transparencies ? You need some thickness to make sure that if it does get something pressed on teh back, the pins don't punch through.

Beware of static when using transparencies.  If a charge builds up in them, it could fry the electronics in the monitor.

Paper should work fine too, and doesn't generate nearly as much static.

better safe than sorry, just use duct-tape, that should hold up nicely ;)