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Do-it-your-self wireless antenna Answered

I am new to all this but what has brought me here is my quest to find out how to build a simple home-made WI-FI antenna such as those made out of Pringle tubes or any cheap bits.
The sites i have found at the moment do not seem to be clear enough. They also seem to gloss over the main point of how it is actually connected to the laptop I want to increase the signal to. I have a built-in wireless connenction on my HP laptop. Any useful advice, or instructables covering this topic would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Muckster



11 years ago

Well the easiest thing to do would be use a PCMCIA card in your laptop, orinoco cards have an external antenna jack. If you want to mess around with your internal laptop antenna, its model specific, so no easy one size fits all, step by steps. Ive seen some info about apple laptops and I know someone who modded their lappy.

I haven't played with wifi antennas much as of yet, I might work on making a wifi link to my grandparents house about a half a mile straight shot, the biquad antenna seems like a good choice, check it out: http://martybugs.net/wireless/biquad/

Thanks for that Nak, that site is a lot clearer on how to go about making an home made antena. The PCMCIA card that you mentioned, the ones I have done a search for seem to have usb or fire wire connectors on them, is this right, and is this how the antenna would connect to the card? You will have to excuse me if I sound thick but I am new to this but determined to get the most of this wi-fi signal I can pick up. Cheers Muckster