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Do-it-yourself thermal paper Answered


I am thinking about buying a small mobile printer, but the smallest (500g/1lbs, €50) available is using thermal paper.
While I could find the paper rather cheap in the US (from about 6 cent/sheet) here I could not find anything similar.
I did stumble across
http://www.atarimagazines.com/v6n2/Inventions.html (" ... homemade thermal paper has a darker printout than any thermal paper you could buy. ... Be sure to clean your thermal head ... .") and

Has anyone tried it or allready an old thermal printer to try?
Even if it will not be suitable for every day use, I am really interested in the subject :-)


I'dd try that too, we allways used milk; Same principle though, and the paper did not burn prior to the "secret" writing either ;-) The reason why this works is because the sugar burns first, so the sugar/glue mix should work too.

Er no. That sounds like bad news for a printer. If someone had produced pictures of this working I might give it some more thought, but sugar doesn't turn to carbon that easily, and if you're pumping that much heat into it paper alone will go dark.


I'll give it a try anyway. Sugar and carbohydrates from woodglue might do the job. Regular thermopaper does not turn black that easily either, else it would get grey/black even faster. As the thermotransfer is limited to very small areas, I doubt that the paper would burn prior to the sugar. Similar to toast: The outer layer gets dark, if you scrape it off, the toast is still white.

It sounds bad to me, either nothing or a clogged print-head. You really need to cook sugar to black. The usual "secret writing" trick is lemon-juice isn't it? I'd try that one first. L