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Do liquid antennae have a range of megahertz/range of a electrical signal given off varying on the air pressure applied? Answered


What is their application?


They've got it there - the length and shape of an antenna determines which frequencies it is most happy to transmit and receive - based on a formula of the wavelength and the harmonics of the antenna.

So air pressure applied = amount of liquid metal in tube = length of antenna element = frequency amplification/attenuation.

A liquid antenna has some the same advantages of a gaseous or plasma antenna. That is, it takes the shape of it's container. Need a disc-shaped antenna? Pour it into a disc-shaped container. Need a wire antenna? Pour it into a piece of tubing. Need a ring-shaped antenna? Bend the tubing into a circle. etc. etc. etc. Need less or more antenna? Remove or add fluid. Of course it has disadvantages. One being that bubbles can become breaks in the circuit.

The link you posted has the answers really.


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