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Do many people here do 1/12 scale stuff? Answered

Just wondering if there are many people here on Intructables who work in 1/12 scale.  I have been involved in dollhouse miniatures for about 10 years now. I belong to a local group and we display our things on a regular basis. We also do a workshop each month and a member brought in a miniature crockpot recently to see if someone could work out how to make it for a workshop. I took it home and came up with my version of it. Now I just have to gather enough bits and pieces together to make about 30 kits!


Sorry to have hijacked your thread.....You know, when I was younger I did a few things on small scale; I don't know if it was 1/12 or not, but it was fun to "see things in a different light" that is, from a smaller perspective (the little pizza box top support as a table, etc. ). Using a pen knife, I made some small benches and such using local twigs....my eyes don't see as well any more and my fingers are a lot "dumpier" then when I was younger....so it is much harder to work with small things.

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As for working in small scale, I wish that I had found miniatures a bit earlier than I did. I find myself squinting to see things and yes, I'm sure my fingers have got fatter than they used to be. I think I have a few more years in me yet though, so I'll keep going. At the moment, I'm looking for some inspiration/ideas to do a steampunk themed miniature display.

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Steam shows.. :-) We have a local annual event called Steamfest which is a celebration of all tings steam and my parents used to go every year (and take me of course) I still go most years. As part of the events and displays over the weekend, our miniature group always has a display in the model show (although we don't have many steam related minis)
I always try to take a break from manning the display at some point to take a few pics.
As for my steampunk display, I'm thinking of just a small display, maybe a couple of dolls dressed in steampunk fashion. What with my dollhouse stuff and hubby's model boats, we don't have that much room left for larger displays lol

all aboard.jpgtrain.jpg

We have a few "steam and gasolene" single piston events around our area too. As with you, I went to the northern one with my Dad but it was mostly because my Mom's Dad had a HUGE tobacco steamer tractor; it boomed along on idle at one BOOM (single piston) per second, and a flywheel that weighed as much as a small car spinning to keep it all going. Everything was metal on it, even the massive wheels, which stood some 14 or so feet high. Steering, as I recall was done by two leverers, brakes actually, on either side of there the operator STOOD (no sitting down while running this beast).

This is pretty much what it looked like (IIRC the flywheel was on the RIGHT side of my Granddad's machine, though).  

My neight at the  time, had a collection of much MUCH smaller gasolene engines he'd haul to the local shows.   The tractor pulls wer fun to watch for awhile, but the one in the north was attached to a small amusement park :-)  

I am not familiar with 1 & 1/2 scale (it sounds a bit like 150% to me which would be half a size bigger then the original; and I KNOW you don't mean it that way), could you explain that some?

we totally need to start a new modeling craze! i think 1 & 1/2 scale modeling can be the wave of the future!

1 & 1/2 scale train sets especially!

Maybe a 1,000 & 1/2 scale Quantum set ? (they do microbes at Think Geek....why not exotic astrophyical particles like Quarks? :-D

the math to convert that may get a little complicated...especially in metric.

Metric is based on 10, and fairly easy, it is avoirdupois that is the biggest trouble...

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