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Do people make requests for instructables too? + growing glowing geodes + making your own slime Answered

Hey, I saw a instructible or two featured on here that reminded me of something that has prompted a question in my mind. Is there a typical way that people make requests for instructibles, aside from comments on existing instructables, or here in the forum? Or is this forum the typical place (I haven't scanned through to find out on my own)? Anyway, I have a request that I'll try to lay out here... In a badass local toy/education/science shop, they sell these kits of weird or "gross" science experiments. Like growing glowing geodes, making volcanoes, making glowing slime...stuff like that. The problem is, these kits are a bit pricey, but they DO have an ingredients list on the outside of the box. I took photos of the kits/lists in the store, with the idea that I could probably find info online to be able to replicate the "experiments" more cheaply by picking up the components elsewhere. I haven't gotten around to it, and so I thought Instructables would be the perfect place for people that would do the same thing and share the info to all of us. Specifically, I really want to do that glowing geode thing. Some of the other kits were pretty spiffy too, but I don't have the info in front of me to give you further details. (I'm sure I could google around, and eventually I'm sure I will).


Making volcanoes and slime are things I have seen before , but I'm intrigued with the glow in the dark geodes.Perhaps it's made from a solution of water, alum, and phosphors? I would guess the dissolved alum would crystallize, encasing the phosphors in the crystals.

Yeah, really! I was intrigued too. Here's what I'm talking about exactly:
Giant Glow-in-the-Dark Geode Kit

Here's the important text from the link:

The Giant Glow-in-the-Dark Geode brings the science lab right into your own room. Watch as the glow-in-the-dark crystals seemingly grow right before your eyes! The Geode kit includes a mold and casting plaster which allows you to create two Geode halves. Have fun learning about the formation of crystals, while watching as the entire process completes in about two to three days.

During the day these giant geodes glitter with brilliant crystals. When the lights go out at night they glow eerily in the dark. Making these giant geodes is fun and you’ll have a dramatic crystal display whether the lights are on or off.

Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 7 oz.
Plaster of Paris 2.5 oz.
Zinc sulfide 4 g.
Geode mold.
Growing cup.
Measuring beaker.
Measuring spoon.
Stir stick.
Science guide.

LOL - I just though of somthing, if you could obtain Zinc Sulfide, perhaps you could mix it with slime to make glow in the dark slime!

the slime kit that i was thinking of (the above link has it too, i think) is "Sci-fi slime". One was a color-changing (thermal), and the other had some kind of magnetic topic. I'm surprised that I don't remember it saying anything about glow-in-the-dark. How sci-fi is that?

Yup , "Aluminum Potassium Sulfate" aka "Alum", and the Zinc Sulphate is most certainly the phospher. I have no idea where you could get zinc sulfide but I'm pretty sure you can obtain Aluminum Potassium Sulphate "Alum" from a pharmacy. When I was like five or somthing , I bought one of these crystal growing kits (but not the glow in the dark ones). The plaster of paris will be used for the geods shell.

Plus, I just really didn't see spending $20 as appropriate for materials cost, especially since I already have the hardware (no geode mold, but I can make a mold, sheesh), and some of the software (plaster of paris).

People don't generally make requests, but if you ask how to do something, you'll probably get some help, and then you can make the ible.

Lol, you're missing the point a little bit. I'm busy/lazy, and I want to find other people who are thinking about making the ible, just to give them the inspiration to go out there and finish it up because there's demand out there for the info.

Like W-Burg said, there isn't usually the forum topic that says: "Please make me this" But they are usually asking for help on a certain topic to help them complete the instructable.

If you can do a god job: do it. L

Well, yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'd planned on doing it, but it's a bit lower on my priority list, and thought I'd see if someone else might be working along those lines right now.