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Do people prefer 3 layer guns or 5 layer guns?? Answered

Do people prefer 3 layer knex guns or 5 layer knex guns??


5 layers are good for biggish ones (rbg's rifles, big pistols like your fx-9 pistol and your monster pistol) but for little ones 3 layers is best. however 5 layers is good for clips and such.


8 years ago

Well, I like 3 layer guns because the rods don't stick out as much.
But I really prefer:
Just kiddin'

omg how do you get 11 layers thick?

 Wrong! It's UNNECESSARILY 11 layers thick. And I made it. Pretty good.

 wel it has to be 11 layers to accommodate a yellow connector. thanks for building!! but if you wanted something similar that is ALOT better, build my hell slayer  :)

uhh, what guns use that strong mech, I like the 5 layer Mezak one becuse it uses BRICK LIKE building to reinforce it, i dropped it down 2 stories on carpet, and only the mag fell of!

 my shotgun is 11 layers

HA HA, The ends of white rods don't stick out farther than the blue rods.

Yes they do, a white rod holds up to 3 connectors, a blue up to 6. Therefore each side of a 5 layer gun will have rods sticking out an extra blue spacer. Get what I mean?

Oh I see what you mean. I was saying if the rod was full it wouldn't.

Gotcha. BUT: actually it sticks out a tiny bit more.
To test it do this:
-put 3 of any connectors sideways on a white rod.
-put 6 of any connectors sideways on a blue rod.
You can put a connector on each end of the blue rod, but not the white.
Viola! My work is done!

5 or more. I like 11.


8 years ago

 5 layers.

I like 3 as i don't have 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (exaggeration) knex pieces

5 layers are better, they are more sturdy and offer more possiblilities, and they are about just as compact.

Thank you everyone for you answers. I have found that people prefer 5 layer guns so thanks to you all.

i would say that people prefer 3 layer guns if they are trying to make them really sleeker, but i would like a 5 layer gun better becasue then it can be smoothed out like your TAW

people with less pieces like 3 layers but 5 layers make the gun seam more real and to size

5 are sturdier, but because blue rods are 6 wide, it can cause things to jam UNLESS you have a Y clip, or a get connector, or whatever on it. I prefer using 5 for rifles, big pistols and RBGs, but 3 for small handguns.

i think its all up to the builder like in some of your in the fx series theres a yellow not a blue or white moste white rod wide pistol are sturdy but most like the tds has some points where its a blue wied but yeh


8 years ago

5 layers seem comfortable for me and they are way sturdier.

I prefer 5 layers for larger rifles and such, I like 3 layers for smaller guns.