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Do the RealSimple Recipes Count? Answered

Concerning the Fake it, Don't Make it! Contest, I was wondering if RealSimple's (RealSimple.com's) Instructables count. They are added to the group but I wasn't sure if they were just there to attract visitors and inspire them, or what. Thank you.


what type chocolate snacks would be easy to make and sell? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chocolate rice-crispie cakes.

Thanks! How would I make those?

Melt chocolate, mix in rice crispies, spoon into muffin papers, allow to cool.

You can add other ingredients as you fancy - mini marshmallows, M&Ms, dried fruit...

(Google is your friend)

Do appreciate your help! Thank you so much I'll definitely try it out! Trying to get my business off the ground with very minimal money. It's called Mmm Edibles Etc.


10 years ago

I have a recipe I adapted for making a candy but it is to simple and only had 4-5 ingredients and you can't really use shortcuts except to save time. Can I still post it?

unfortunately the contest is closed! but you can still post your project to instructables...it just won't be considered in the contest. sorry about that!

Haha, the only recipes my mom uses are from Real Simple!

So, is she entering the contest?

I am trying to get her to. She makes an amazing Chicken Curry! She would just have to give me the recipe, directions, and I will take the pictures! Hopefully I can enter soon.

You can do a collaboration- she cooks it, you take the pictures and write it up!

I have a really simple "full of shortcuts" recipe I was going to submit (a dessert) but I hadn't had the time to make it so I could photograph it. sigh

great... now i have to think of a recipe that only uses 6 items... can it be any kind of recipe like dessert, baked stuff, crock pot, etc? sorry if its answered in the rules, i just briefly skimmed over them.

your entry can be any kind of recipe: dessert, main course, side dish, whatever you like. the only requirements are that it be holiday-related, use some store-bought ingredients, and include at least two shortcuts. good luck!

I cook all the time, but I don't use many shortcuts. Anything involving "cream of something" soup makes me want to vomit, haha. I'll have to think of something I make that's simple. :P

The 1950's shortcuts are a bit scary! Those soups are salty. We'll not even get into the problems associated with Jello and canned fruit.

We're foodies, so the shortcuts we do use are selective. I use canned beans (well-rinsed to remove salt & etc), specific types of canned corn, canned salmon, canned tomatoes, and canned chipoltes in adobo. Frozen spinach for cooked applications only. Most of the frozen stuff I've made myself, so it's a local shortcut not a global one.

What qualifies as OK for you?

I typically just do things like buy frozen veggie mixes and canned tomatoes & beans. I never buy sauces or cream of somethings, those are asking for trouble. I really just try to stay away from prepared foods in general. I think my current least favorite thing is those stew mixes that you get in the freezer and put in a slow cooker. If people knew how to read nutrition facts they'd throw that stuff away in disgust! I'm more of a, "Make excess, use for other things!" sort of girl. I've never been good at preparing small amounts, so I'll make my favorite tomato sauce, for example, and use it in several different dishes, like lasagna, pasta or rice dishes, chicken parmesan. Or if I want a little bit of bacon flavor, I'll use drippings that I keep in my fridge. I just usually just try to keep all the ingredients on hand. Maybe I should just try to make something really tasty out of things most people would have in their kitchens. But what do normal people have in their kitchens, anyway? hahaha. All the people I know say I'm definitely overstocked, and all they seem to have is condiments and moldy bread. :P

So I can't enter my Cream-of-mushroom jello with canned pineapple recipe?

You sure can. ;D I just won't try it.


10 years ago

No, they can't win- they're supposed to provide inspiration! I'm pretty psyched to see pro food photography- we try, but it doesn't look as shiny as theirs. Maybe we need white plates? Or maybe we're just too hungry. ;)

I'd try white plates, the "water trick", and a manual white balance (to counteract the white plates). I'm no expert, but I bet that'd work... Also, make the food right after dinner, and a big slice of cheesecake :P

There are a bunch of tricks they use based on the food, lighting plays a huge part in making it look fresh, along with carbon dioxide for certain things to make it look fresh. (they usually use oil, not water for the droplets)

There are a bunch of tricks they use based on the food,

Like fresh motor oil as a substitute for syrup.... Or white glue instead of milk :p

Well, white glue won't make cereal get soggy - giving you more food porn photography time ;)

Ohh, I was thinking like, glass of milk. Doesn't it throw off the reflection though? Glue looks different than milk... It probably keeps the photographers skinny as well ;-)

nah, not if you have the lighting right. ..but when pouring glue, you can get the different depths better, making it look like milk from god's very own cow.

...why? Just because it lasts and is cheaper? Or does it have something to do with the actual photography?

CO2, eh? Seems odd... And oil, really? I thought they sprayed it with water (That kinda sounds funny, if you don't know what you're talking about), but again, I'm hardly an expert. (I'm not a photo-phobic, I just can't get a decent camera. One with a macro mode would be a nice start, but I'd just like one of those nicer cameras with the lens larger than a centimeter...)

Hehe, if (or hopefully, when) I submit my recipe (which, to be truthful, ain't that deep) only half of the finished food will be there. The rest, well, will be in my stomach. It's really yummy.

Yeah, it's a good argument for making extra!

Is the snake planning to be entered? Its only 4 ingredients, and it uses Jiffy mix.

I think that since canida works at Instructables, she is exempt from the contest, because it's possible that she would be more likely to win, she could just rate herself really high. Not that she would, but that's about how all contests are now.

How about upgrading to Creative Suite 3? (: