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Do these connectors have a name? Answered

Does anyone know the name of these electrical connection things. Used instead of soldering something together if it needs to be taken apart. They are screwed onto a bolt with a nut. the bolt passing the current to the connector which is attached to a wire.



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We call it a non-insulated crimp lug. It has no electrical insulation around the crimp because it is made for higher than normal temperatures. Also for this reason it is likely made from a harder material than the usual tinned copper. The size will be determined by the diameter or cross sectional area of the wire it is made to fit on, and the size of the ring.

In nordic countries they are called ABIKO-connectors. The name comes after firm Abiko, which makes the connectors and quality crimp tools. They have internet site at http://www.abiko.com/

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Its an uninsulated crimp style ring terminal. But the crimp style looks like a D-sub crimper...

uninsulated RIng crimp terminals


6 years ago

They're called 'solderless terminals'

Everything has a name. The fun part is trying to google a part using a visual description.