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Do they always take a long time to announce the winners of their contest? Answered

I have a question I hope you can answer. Do they always take a long time to announce the winners of their contest on Instructables? I entered the Critter contest, Judging they said would end on the 3rd but then they changed it to the 4th at midnight but still no winners have been announced?



8 years ago

Yeah, it usually takes a little while. They certainly aren't announced the day after judging ends! Congrats, by the way!

thanks jeff-o they just sent me a notice my prize has been shipped!

 But wait, there's more... 

You need to wait until there is a announcement topic posted which in that case this might apply.

If you are one of the lucky winners, then you need to wait for the staff to private message you through your instructables PM or linked email to your account to formally notify you that you are a winner.  You may see the topic posted first.
That PM or email will then tell you how to claim the prize.  In some cases there will be a delay if they have to forward your acceptance and where to ship your prize address to the sponsor.  In some cases they will wait until all winners respond and then relay the info to the prize sponsor if they will ship out directly.  You then have to wait on the sponsor to send you your prize.  The instructables prize part like the t-shirt and PRO membership may be sent separately.  They are pretty good about sending the shipping info in another email so you can track the package.

So the final answer is, it's random.  Good luck.

LOL you do not sound smart-alecky.  Greatly appreciated may the force be with you!

Well, for one thing,  notice the line in the contest:

Instructables and Lion Brand Yarn have teamed up to bring you the Critter Contest!

This indicates to me that just PICKING the winner is not always a "straightforward counting of votes".  Sometimes the Sponsor has a say also. Also, since all the votes must be gone through, added up, and those ineligible votes discarded....we have even further delay making sure everything is fair.  

Now,  if you are still waiting for an answer "NEXT MONTH" then there may be a problem to address  :-) 

Sorry, I  don't mean for that to sound smart-alecky or anything.   "Patience, young Jedi, patience..."