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Do they make a 120Hz lcd screen that's as small as 12"? I want to make a 3d DIY projector...? Answered


I am in the same trouble!
Considering DIY Home made 3D Shutter Projector.

I already made some compromise, with the (bigger) size of 17.3" 120Hz 3D LCD from LG (due to the largest contrast ratio between competition >500:1 & "full color" possibilities), but my troubles are exactly the drivers, aka LCD Controllers.

Actually, there are many @ the market, even with 120Hz, but not even one with full 120Hz - 3D (120 different pictures/ eye / sec). Just a 60Hz to 120Hz (doubled the same picture, that is shown twice - kind a controllers).
Sad !!!

Very sad !

Considering, that every laptop (even the smaller ones, like 3D LCD's of 15.4", ...) do have their "integrated controller" in them!?!?

Is it possible, that there is not even one stand-alone 3D LCD Controller, for the more advanced Shutter technology (over passive one)???

I even tried 3DTV's, but not with any luck either!
Smallest ones are over 22-23" screen diagonal.

Again, ... , sad!

I am just hoping, that someone with better luck will find one, and share with the rest of us enthusiast! Hopefully ...

To help the interested ones, here is some useful sites I have discovered:





If any constructive idea about this matter, please, do contact me:


8 years ago

A homemade 120Hz projector that uses shutter glasses would be tricky as you'd have to synchronise the glasses very carefully. If you're going homemade, make 2 projectors and polarize the light from one 90' from the other one and make a silver screen with primer, matt black, matt black, metallic silver paints then you can use passive glasses. If you want to go down the dual polarized projectors path, get in touch with me and I'll help you out.

as for the shutter glasses, I was just going to use the nVidia 3d kit that has the glasses and emitter already made...

I couldn't find one. Smallest I could find was a 20". You might look for a laptop that has the 120 screen then find a replacement screen for it. Laptop replacements are easy to find.

But a laptop screen won't help since you have to have a way to drive it. Nevermind.