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Do they sell equilateral triangles of paper at Staples? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

probably at a craft store

Hi There,

Or, if converting to an alian way of life, leaving earth and abandoning your friends and family isnt appealing to you, how about taking one corner of the paper rectangle and folding it up and over your page, lining it up neatly with the edge of the paper, folding the diagonal crease that forms and voila, a square,. Trim off the edge and you are done. 

What could be simpler than that Captain


8 years ago

No, but they do sell DIY supplies; scissors, rulers, pencils and rectangular sheets of paper in various dimensions.

He'd also need a compass.  Then the Euclidean construction becomes trivial.

buy whats available ,  cut yer own shapes from it !!

Maybe at a Staples on the Klingon Homeworld?  I think their writing system was based on equilateral triangles. 

Here on Earth, pretty much all you're going find in terms of paper shape is rectangles, usually with an aspect ratio of about 21/2 :1.

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Hey, uh... I just remembered the whole Klingon Empire went paperless a few years back.  It was part of the austerity measures introduced after the Praxis disaster.  You know, too much waste paper, not enough planetary resources.  So obviously this means the Staples on Qo'noS definitely won't have paper, eq-triangle shaped, or otherwise.  Sorry about that.

 Why would they?
i didnt think there was such a high demand
i mean i could understand square for origami...