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Do turbos make a car have a whine sound to them? or is it just the rice burner? Answered

Or is it just the rice burner's mufflers i'm hearing? I wanted to know because i wanted to put a turbocharger on a '51 Pontiac Chieftain. Obviously, i don't want it to sound like an asian car.


WTF are you talking about man?
Turbochargers should hiss, whistle, or scream perhaps. What on the planet do you mean by an "asian car"?!


Diesel generator, electric motor run. Great departure sound.
What's with the blinking globe lamp ( vibration ) above the left as train pulls
out into the paragraph spider webs ?

The globe would be a defective platform light.
(Nice little bit of whistling right at the end as the turbos spin-down, I love those things...)



6 years ago

The car turbines I knew about, ran off of the exhaust to compress more air-fuel
into the engine combustion increasing the HP with the sound of chopped up air.


A turbo will generally run on high RPMs and will therefore create a high pitched sound. Exactly how high pitched and how loud will vary greatly with turbos.

Next time try to keep the negative attitude to asian vehicles to your self.