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Do we need a lego forum? Answered

I personally think there are enough lego instructibles and enough people who like legos. I mean we have a k'nex forum.

Please give your opinion on this. 


Seems reasonable, but there are far fewer Lego projects than K'nex, I think.

I guess I shouldn't have said anything about k'nex, they're kind of a moot point.
I mean , since this is about legos. It would also make alot of peaople happy.

The thing is "number of projects" is the main criterion for adding a channel or forum.

Ooooooh. I still think the ratio of k'nex projects to lego projects doesn't matter.
As long as there are alot of lego projects in general, which I think there are.

There are 27 pages of Lego projects, but 269 pages of K'NEX projects...

I still wonder if more people would post lego projects if there was a forum.

There's a Lego channel in the Play category, but, IMO, the boundaries of the forum categories are less formal.

Lots of topics end up in places they shouldn't really be (burning questions gets a lot if odd topics).

It's kind of sad, I've seen stuff about legos in the k'nex forum. No offence to those of you who did that. My point is that we need a lego forum.

I'd say yes, definitely! But only once the Lego community here is a bit bigger.

As of right now we just don't have a steady stream of projects, and only a couple of members (monster lego & sherrycayheyhey) who post consistently fantastic projects. :)

Hmm.. why not, we have a k'nex forum?

Since Lego is a genre in of itself, it makes sense to have a designated forum for it. It might even help generate more hype for Lego projects. I say go for it.