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Do we need math? Answered

So, do we need math? As if you didn't know my question from the title...


You couldn't have made this topic without math. The whole system we use to type and search the internet is a math in and of itself.

Here's a rejoinder to the classic statement "there are no such things as dumb questions, only dumb answers"

If there are no "dumb questions" then what do "dumb people" ask? Do they suddenly become intelligent while asking a question? (j/k)

Just because an answer to a given question seems elemental, self-evident, or so basic as to be asinine does not mean that the question itself is dumb.

Thank-you all, now to go show this to my math hating sister. I feel a big I TOLD YOU SO coming, haha well thanks!


You probably use math every day without even noticing it. I had a math-hating son and so was always pointing out, "Look! We are using math for something!" You need math to cook (fractions!), to figure out how much paint , lumber, etc. to buy for a project. As noted by others, it is essential for managing money. You can use math to figure out how fast you can run or ride a bike even with no radar gun (time x speed = distance). Math lets you answer questions like "Will this jumbo bag of dog food go stale before my dog can eat it?" The champion punkin-chunkers use math to get the most out of their pumpkin-flinging machines.
Math is valuable even to non-math geeks.

Yes. Unless you decide to join Amway, in which case knowing math will merely depress you for being so stupid.

Without math, someone might trade those BIGGER nickles for tiny dimes with you all day :-D

You would benefit from it at some point in your life.
If you know math' then you can make money out of people, if you don't you can get "ripped-off".


What do you think the computer you're looking at uses to turn data-streams into images, or key-strokes into text?

On a less geeky tone, maths is what helps you know you're not being ripped off by the people who pay your wages, sort your taxes, make your change and keep your money in the bank.