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Do we really not have one/Can someone give me pointers to build a ladder chair Answered

Do we really not have an instructable for a ladder/chair?

see one here



So after asking in the answers section, i was able to come and put this where i wanted it(under burning Questions)

I will also clarify my question as lemonie says i should

My question is
can anyone give me some tips on building a ladder/chair?


If you watch the begining of national tresure it has one.

Why are you deleting and reposting this?

because i couldnt find it except to go through my 'You' link.

thank you for the info. i was just surprised that it didnt show up where i tried to post it.

Could you find one? L

no i could not find one. I was hoping this would show up where i wanted it to(burning questions) and someone would look at it and go 'Hey thats a great idea'. But its only showing up in 'all', so im obviously doing something wrong.