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Do you have any ideas for a coffee flavour room gift? Answered

I had this idea coming up for a gift:

-grounded coffee beans in a can or something like this, which is making the room smelling of fresh coffee. It shouldn't be that the room always smells like coffee, just if you feel like it should.
- I thought also of a coffee candle, but candles as gifts are so boring, I want something more exciting
...I am stuck right now, can you help me out with some inspiration?

Thanks a lot!!!

ps: the person I want to give it to, adores coffee :-)


Give her a coffee plant kit with coffee grounds as the mulch and glue roasted coffee beans on the pot and make a plant label that looks like a coffee bag label.

Make faux burlap-coffee-sack pillows using a tan broadcloth, stencil, and spray paint.

Make coffee mug coffee-related charms out of clay.

I've also heard of coffee grounds being used as a body scrub which would be pretty easy to do and maybe a bit unusual.

AMAZING......the coffee plant would fit in almost perfect, because she loves gardening too :-).

I read about the coffee plant (on that link you wrote) that the beans are just showing up in about 4years... Have to check out if there are quiker ones. Apart from that, this would be very suitable for her and I'm sure she would like it very much :-).

Thanks for all of your inspiration, it really got me out of the "white paper stage" and this rocks :-)!!!

have a happy holiday!

ps: your English is challenging my English, because my mothertongue is Swiss-German (I live in Switzerland), but it's always good to learn new English words (long live www.leo.org ;-)).

You know, I understand it in general, just some detail words like *mulch* not. It reminds me that I should attend that advance English course I always wanted to do ;-).

Whoops!!  Yes, "mulch" isn't a word that you'd come across in conversational English.  That's gardening for you.  I'd be impressed if it was covered in advanced English classes because it's so specific, but who knows? 

I once was asked by a Polish friend of my German cousin if anybody still said "the cat's pajamas" or something like that, and I had to tell her that nobody said that but would probably know what she was saying if she did say that.  She was a little bit angry at her university English professor.  I couldn't really think of a modern day equivalent except "cool" and didn't really want to tell her that some people would say, "That's bitchin'!"  I had to stick with something that most people would understand and wouldn't get offended.

I don't think it matters if there are coffee beans or not.  It's more about the novelty of having a coffee plant because it's pretty darn cool.  If she's a gardener, she'll know she has to wait.

Yeah, I'm not sure how much of the words I ever learned in English are actually words the people use. Also we used to learn British English, so maybe the American English is slightly more difficult to understand for us ;).

Anyway, I love the English language :-).

I was checking out a lot of places for the coffeeplant or seeds but unfortunately couldn't find one :-(. I got her another gift, but I will keep the idea of the coffeeplant for sure in my mind. You know, there is her negxt birthday for example :-).

Thanks for your time you are investing in answering!!!!! It's so helpful and I don't take that for granted!

Well, I know it's too late now, but just keep an eye out for a seed bank if there are any in your country.  I'm not sure how exactly you would go about acquiring a coffee plant or a coffee plant seed, but there has to be a gardening forum online where people would know or maybe a horticultural/gardening society or a public garden or something.  I'm actually kinda sad you couldn't find one because that would have been so cool, but as you said, there's always her birthday and a bit of time to plan and plot.

It's not that there are no coffeeplants at all, they (several gardencenters and stores) just told me that they have the coffeeplants once in a while and at this moment not. So I have to make sure to check out the gardening sector more often and will luckily find one then :-).

Make a sachet (Wow, I actually used that word!)  with fresh ground coffee- it won't last forever due to the aromatic oils evaporating but it could easily be refreshed.


8 years ago

you could make soap with coffee in it. It's supposed to be very refreshing.