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Do you have any ideas for the use of LEDs for a performing band? Answered

I play in a Metal band and we are often on a dark stage so I figured LEDs would make a great addition to the stage array. I am thinking along the lines of mic stands and possibly some good ideas for speaker cabinets and so on. Please let me know every single idea that you can possibly imagine. If you need to see some photos of what our gear looks like on stage send me a message here and I will send you a link for photos. Thanks so much!


Im not a metal player but one of my FAVORITE performances ive done was: we took some christmas lights and just lined the amps with em. Idk if thats to fruity or something for ur metal band but it was cool.

Another cool thing about that is if u have some sodering skills u can soder it into your amp so it will use the amps power.


9 years ago

What color are your drums? Doesn't matter... Imagine this: https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Music-Sync-Lamp/
Attached to your drums. And instead of 8mm input you have a mic with a small amp in each drum. That way when you hit the drums for a brief second they glow.

I would like to try something like that for my bass amp.


Answer 9 years ago

With the hardware being right in the drum, you may not even need the amp.

The LEDs definetly won't brighten up the stage... But they'll look cool.

I'm also in a metal band. I play guitar.

I would make that cool bracelet that was recently featured for my right wrist.

And another cool thing that would help is led rings for your left hand's fingers!
I don't know how it would work, but the battery could be placed on a bracelet on the left wrist. Each finger could have an LED....

That would look coool! and it could help you see the fingerboard in dark venues.

Put them on anything that moves. Maybe some gloves for your drummer and guitarists?