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Do you have proofreaders? Answered

Have trouble reading instructions because of  terrible spelling and poor grammar. 


Are you saying that your upset because some published instructables are not well written?

No, I'm saying it's very hard to understand instructions.

Individual projects and postings are not officially proof-read before being published.

The community as a whole tends to be self-policing, because poorly-written projects do not become popular, and get poor feedback.

This usually encourages authors to do better next time.

If a project is particularly bad, you can say so in the comments, or send the author a "PM" to encourage them to correct the mistakes. This goes on far more than some people realise.

I'm sure that if you ask, someone will be happy to help you correct you posts or instructables.

All you have to do is ask. I've helped several with projects and writings.

"...correct your posts..."

See, you were right! :-D

I saw that after I posted, but didn't have time to copy, delete repost and correct.

I wish we could edit a post, even if just for a few minutes.

You know what? I _will_ have trouble reading Instructables. Thanks for the great inspiration!

You need a pronoun at the beginning of the sentence, in order to indicate who the subject is.

As for the question, no. Instructables are not moderated nor edited. It is the responsibility of the (20,000+) authors to provide decent quality. Feel free to correct any errors you see by way of the comments.