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Do you know any good books? Answered

Well my little sister is in love with fantasy, action, and romantic books. I was thinking about getting her a fun book for Christmas, she is thirteen and likes books around ages 12-17 along the lines above. What good books are there for me to get her and I might make a list of good library books for her to check out. It can have bad words but please no sex realated things, she is my sister.



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My daughter, who is 13, had read these:

Maximum Ride
Skeleton Creek
Series of Unfortunate Events
Gregor the Overlander
Daniel X
Percy Jackson and the Olympians

+1 for Max Ride and Percy jackson (ones I have read)
Series of unfortunate events are good but REALLY weird. Its ont really describable how they are weird....

but they (series of unf. events) are still good :) make SURE to read them in series otherwise you will be confused beyond belief.

Umm also Artemis Fowl series is good as for fantasy/magic/tech. Not for romance though..

Thank You, you really helped!

Eragon series. Definitely love them. Or the Hunger games series. They both have everything you have described (Hunger Games is a little more on the romantic side (no sex however, but some times in the book where the characters are nude, but such scenes are usually not oriented that way)), Hunger games is more graphic sometimes, but my sister has read all the books at least 5 times and she is the same age, with the same interests) I can probably find more if you want :)

Ok so averages of my books (mini review)

Hunger Games- top pick. Romance, action, good plot, only a couple questionable scenes (they arent that bad) in the entire series. Very, very good. One of the few series I have re-read a couple times

Eragon (marketed as Inheritance series)- Favorite of mine. Good books (I am on the last). Little bit of romance but are really long (last book is near 900 pages) and have strange "elfish" words and some not so common vocabulary, and there are some graphic scenes [torture] in the last book, but not in the first 3)

Percy Jackson- Good series, have read all but the 'second series" books. Good action, Oriented more for mythology than fantasy. Lots of action, good plot

Maximum Ride- Pretty good, have only read a couple. Action, mutated flying bird people who seem to gain superpowers in every book. Good for fantasy. Does not have romance. Some slightly graphic scenes portrayed.

Sereis of unfortunate events- Nice, but hard to understand sometimes. The writing is somewhat like Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy in terms of randomness. Depending on the reader a couple scenes may be creepy.

Artemis Fowl- Lots of fantasy, lots of magic. No romance. Centered around "fairies". Of course they are a lot more hardcore than tinkerbell.

Secrets of Nicholas Flamel- magic, action, no romance. Really good plot twists :)

Harry Potter- pretty much self explanatory. I've read all. The plot gets better near the end but the ending might disappoint readers.

Alex Rider series- short books, easily readable in a couple hours. Teenage spy, not much romance (a few crushes, a few kisses) but a lot of action and a good plot.

Sorry to overwhelm you with all that. But I do want to say that I have read each of these books, and I try to give a good explanation of any bad things in the whole book. I believe all of the books mentioned above are acceptable for her age/level of reading

EDIT: Harry Potter- pretty much self explanatory. I've read all. Not much romance (a few crushes, a few kisses). The plot gets better near the end but the ending might disappoint readers.

Alex Rider series- short books, easily readable in a couple hours. Teenage spy, no romance but a lot of action and a good plot.

Sorry, wrote a phrase in the wrong book :)
PM me if you have questions or want more info on any of those books!

Lol. I'm reading the last book and am on page 350 somethin. Good so far :)

Fypsigon has a good one too :) Ive read those as well. Not so much romantic (ok, there is no romance at all) but they are good.

the Inheritance series
Or lord of the rings (has everything)

"The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" by Michael Scott (5 Volumes so far...) Losts of fantasy and action, no romantic, though....

Harry Potter of course!

Personally I would buy here a Kindle and let her explore the wealth of free or virtually free material that is available either at Amazon, Project Guttenberg etc.

Rivers of London - it's a crime novel, where some of the suspects are the gods and goddesses of the various rivers that run through 21st century London.

Hunchback Assignments has 14 year old spies (+some romantic tension) in Victorian London with clock-work-punk villains. 

Demop Girl (Kindle only, I think, but she could get a free Kindle app for her ipod etc)

Leviathan - Steampunk vs biotech, male and female child heroes on either side of a gathering war.

Philip Pullman well respected