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Do you know how to make a coin ring? Answered

do you know how to make a coin ring like in this photo

you can detaisl ot dzr@ntlworld.com if you prefer


I have acquired several of the necessary tools and have in the past week or so, have made about 10 coin rings. With each one I am getting better at this.

I have also been using Mexican $10-Peso coins with the pop-out center, and make the ring from these. Quick & easy and the Aztec designs are amazing on the rings!

There are several tools that I still need to get those perfect results that command top-prices sellers are asking for on sites like etsy.com but for the 10-15 minutes of work this takes currently, I could charge a lot less and still do well...

Attached is the first attempt, -not sanded or polished as of this image and the results since are FAR better than this one...


That looks very cool. Like the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.