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Do you know if you can still record video with a camera taken out of a phone? If so, how? Answered

Me and my friend are doing a project. Help?



More then likely not - BUT small cheap 10$ keychain video cameras are easily available - Ebay.

i need it to fly in a remote control helicopter and a phone is too heavy. But i am interested in those keychain video cameras. Do you think they will work with what i'm doing?

Youtube says yes



What is the weight of the keychain camera, because I couldn't find it anywhere.

They are small and lightweight so they should probably work fine. Of course it depends on the size and power of your helicopter, but I know its been done! ;)

I am doing the project with him, and the helicopter is a heli-Q helicopter and it is about a foot & a quarter in length. It is pretty powerful, can go over two stories high, although I don't know exactly how much it can hold. Hope it helps!

@rick harris: what is the link for the keychain video cameras?

If the camera doesn't work now to capture video, then it isn't going to work again.


Phone cameras are very difficult, if not impossible, to reintegrate into your own camera.


I think that may be the Holy Grail of hardware hacks. Everyone dreams about pulling the camera out of a cell phone and using it as a camera. Or extracting the display, and using it as a... display. Or extracting the GPS receiver, and using it as a GPS receiver.  Erm... in any case, there are legends... rumors... but I am unsure if anyone has every actually accomplished such a feat.   

The dang pins are always so tiny!  That's not to mention the sparse documentation.  And there are certainly  other pitfalls sure to be found along the way.  There might even be ROUSes.