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Do you know what Magic Lantern is? Social Media + Creative Intern-to-Hire Position in DTLA Answered

We have an open position in social media at the company I work for.  We're looking for a confident self-starter who is interested in engaging with our community, as well as effectively produce content. www.thesyndicate.com

This is an internship, with the possibility of intern-to-hire position for the right candidate.
* Internship is 8 weeks long, unpaid, 2 days per week (maximum of 20 hours per week)
***** If you are an active college student seeking to receive credit for this internship, you MUST have your paperwork/syllabus/credit agreement prepared for us BEFORE you begin your internship with us. We also need a contact for your school and/or professor.******
* Your work will be reviewed every week, and feedback given.
* Recent college graduates are welcome to apply, with preference given to enrolled/active students.

Who we are:
* www.thesyndicate.com
* We are very HANDS-ON. If you are the type who likes to jump into a new project, put your personal stamp on it, and present something amazing to the world, you've got a place here!
* We are open-source from top-to-bottom. We run on linux.
* Do you know what MagicLantern is?
* We have a strict no-whining policy. If you whine, this opportunity may not be for you.

* Send us a message here on instructables or to hiring@thesyndicate.com. Include the basics of your name, what school you attend (or have attended), and why you're interested in this internship.

* Provide TWO (2, only two!!) examples of your a recent project, product, or idea that you have actively helped to promote. Tell us 1)What your GOAL was for your social media outreach 2) What was your biggest challenge or failure as you completed this project 3)When thinking about your social media strategy, what techniques or methods did you use that did not work as expected? Why do you think these methods didn't work as intended, and what do you think you would do differently?

*Provide a writing sample by answering this question: When considering hemp and cannabis, how do you think these crops have transformed the economy and politics? 300 words or less!



Reading your feedback, sorry about that. I copied-and-pasted an internship we had here, and forgot to include our website. it's www.thevsyndicate.com.

This instructables is a personal account. I'm one of the receptionists here. Just thought I'd do my bit and repost.

As for our intern policy...An 8-week, 2-day-a-week, internship and a credit requirement for active students is reasonable.

As for the no-whining policy... Whining happens when people see a problem, and instead of coming up with a solution, they're bothering others instead of collaborating for a solution. This doesn't mean anyone gets fired for legitimate complaints.

There is a vital piece of information missing that will strongly influence potential applicants: who are you?

Where's the link to your company's website?

From this topic, all I can glean is that you are in LA, won't pay your interns, will sack them if they complain about anything, and want them to make videos to market hemp products.

If I'm wrong, you need to re-word your topic.

Not even a website on the profile....hmmmm

Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in a quality employer, does it?

Kind of like "spam, with it's legs cut off and it's heart removed".