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Do you really make money from metacafe??? Answered



Awesome! I'll try to get an account on Metacafe.


However, your video must generate 20,000 views or more within 6 months to actually start earning money.

Hi all friends now I just make money with metacafe and I generate 20,000 views Ready but I don't how to get money with metacafe Please tell me all team

yeah, it does... But it is always a worth a try...

Hi all friends now I just make money with metacafe and I generate 20,000 views Ready but I don't how to get money with metacafe Please tell me all team

Tell me if you do!

Okay, I had just joined them, soon I start posing videos, and I'll see what happens... Kipkay had made over $100,000 from metacafe!

Yeah, it is amazing, metacafe says kipkay is the top earned user on the metacafe site. None of my video I posted are doing good... :-(

really? with all that cool stuff you post? something is very, very wrong...

Well, the videos are bad - they have bad quality picture... I am new to video editing and I am now beginning to figure out how to make good quality videos with different format settings.

i'd just get a new camera. the new ones aren't too pricy, but take videos of quality that are well... AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they look like HD or something, no kidding... 70 bucks about... they take better vids than pics... GET ONE IF YOU CAN!!!!!!! but my mom's a photographer, so i can get good cameras, and crap, YAY!

two words: Rick Roll

What about it? It has nothing to do with this forum.

well look at how many views my metacafe video has

[http://fakelink here]

It's quite possible to, however it's not a simple process, it's somewhere around 20K views in a month or a week or something then you get ad revenue... I like Revver better, they're not overly compressed, you design your own player colours and can add a logo and I've got $30 in earnings that tell me I'm making money, plus more pending.

It depends completely on the impressions, if there are pre-roll or pop up ones on the bottom it tends to be better, it's per impression and some videos will get one and some get two if they watch until the end or allow it to run until it's completely finished. Apart from their spazzy uploads it's a pretty good service with decent compression and they give you quicktime versions as well...

It's good paying compared to most sites but it's a bit of a nuisance with that damned upload issue.

Yeah, I am trying to find ways to make money to buy my self a new computer.. My computer I am using right now is about to die... :-(

I need new ram... Might end up working in the chinese or something now...

Well I need more ram... However my computer would benefit from a hydraulic ram, I'm sure.

Oh, I see what you mean, a RAM. I thought you are talking about a weapon called ram...

The weapon is a possibility but RAM is more important 512mb aint enough.

Why do you need a new RAM? Planing to do some serious video making like kipkay?

I do have a lot of video editing to do for tech, it's not exactly smooth with photoshop and I like to run a lot of stuff at once because it massively increases the amount of work I get done...

yes you do BUT first your video has to reach a ceartain number of views then advertising companies will put an add before your video starts then you get a solid income as long as the views keep rising P.S. i am your idle i am 13 and all of your projects inspire me keep up the good work

...I think you mean that HE's YOUR Idol. But yeah, I'm 14 and his projects inspire me too.