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Do you think a bike-powered clothes dryer would work? Answered

If I hooked up the clothes cylinder somehow to a bicycle drivetrain.  I was also thinking of mounting a large fan right next to it on the same axis to blow air in.  Maybe have the fan go the opposite direction.  Also I would take the door off and maybe the back end to let the air flow through both sides.  Can anyone picture this?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yeah! I could see this totally working!

Someone has acctually made a washing machine version of this:


Where did you get that picture from?  That is unlike any of the other bike-powered washing equipment I've seen.  I'd like to see more about it.

Its right here!

Oh and by the way... can I have best answer?

Please give the details of where you got this picture.  I need more details.

I did give you the website I got it from! Ill give you it again, where it says: 'Here!' in orange, click on it.



3 years ago

thinking of this... I like dryer drier towels n hanging clothes inside during the winter in indiana. I have a wood stove in my house (have built a rocket mass heater in my daughter's house already). Here is my ideal. Metal Box on top of stove to heat air. Use dc blower ran by generator off bike n drum of dryer is actually turned by gearing up (not much) at the wheel. Heat solved. Tumbling solved. The 2 components of a dryer.

if you geared it right it would be very simple but the problem is the big heating element it uses so much power I doubt you could get a dynamo to run that

I'd guess at 200-300W from the fan in a dryer, without allowing for the heater. Sustaining 200-300W from a cyclist is probably going some.

I was originally thinking an all-mechanical approach.  No electrical power.  The main thing is you can't hang your clothes in the winter and my basement is not the best smelling place in the world so my wife would never hang all the laundry down there.

Clothes-dryers should work with wind/breeze and be effortless. You hang clothes on a line (or you don't)


it wouldn't be very effective, just leave your clothes outside to dry